International Recruiting and Placement

20 years of successfully enhancing recruitment

International Staffing Organization (ISO) serves as a local extension of your organization’s recruitment activities in the Philippines, servicing different industries and sourcing amazing talent for your roles. We help your team to navigate the complexities of overseas pooling and recruitment.


Our solutions are rooted in industry-standard recruiting processes, comprising of series of activities that meet regulatory standard. Beginning with establish the role and your candidate requirements then progressing through the steps of pooling, contracting, to deployment — our recruitment activities are meant to complement your hiring processes to best fit your organization.

Industries we serve

  • Food Production (e.g. meat packing, farming, agriculture etc.)
  • Hospitality – Hotel and Resorts
  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
  • Banking & Financial Technology
  • Information Technology & Engineering
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Construction & Development
  • Government Solutions
  • Defense & Military

Our Services

End-to-end services to ensure seamless and successful hiring and deployment

Recruitment Consultations

Hiring strategy, recruitment pooling, market snapshot

Sourcing & Screening

Candidate pooling, credential verification, interviewing

Pre-deployment activities

Language/culture certification, pre-departure activities, medical screening​

Deployment & Evaluation

Internation deployment, candidate evaluation, post-hire check-ins​

Recruiting Process

Role position and definition

Understanding hiring requirements, primary duties, responsibilities, and compensation

Firm accreditation

Recruiting firm accreditation with the Department of Migrant Workers to begin recruiting activities

Sourcing and recruitment

Executing recruitment campaign to source and pool qualified candidates

Screening and verification

Interviewing qualified candidates with organization representatives

Endorsement and selection

Selection of candidates and endorsement to relevant regulatory agencies for pre-deployment process

Orientation and briefing

Facilitation of deployment, onboarding, and pre-employment activities

Workplace deployment

Deployment of workers (i.e. flights, transport, medical screening)