Just Moved: More Filipinos hired by Canadian Firm

Filipinos in red at the airport

We are proud to announce the successful deployment of another batch of Filipino workers to Canada. With our expertise in sourcing and recruiting top-notch Filipino talent, we are dedicated to providing customized staffing solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients in Canada.


We have deployed more than 3000 Filipinos to Canada already, and we continue to receive positive feedback from our clients on the excellent performance of our deployed workers. We take pride in providing quality service to our clients, ensuring that all deployed workers are well-equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their respective roles.


At ISO, we prioritize the welfare of our workers, and we make sure that they are provided with proper orientation and training before they embark on their journey to Canada. We believe that investing in the development of our workers’ skills and knowledge is crucial in ensuring their success in their chosen career path.


We are grateful for the trust and confidence that our clients in Canada have placed in us, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them. At ISO, we remain committed to providing excellent service to both our clients and our deployed workers, and we strive to maintain our reputation as a leading provider of Filipino talent for overseas employment.